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And before you know it, it was time for the final act to close the festival. For that you need something that is going to send people home with a bang. Boy did the organisers deliver on that front. To the stage came Sheffield based five piece The Anything Goes Orchestra. This is a band who play a range of songs with a leaning towards more old time numbers delivered with fire and style. And the audience got that by the bucketload.
From the first track the whole room was jumping, punters were jiving in the aisles, clapping, singing along. Their stagecraft is just superb and you can see them really enjoying themselves, ribbing each other during songs and generally having a great time. And it’s quite beyond my how Jake ‘The Shake” Smithies manages to play double bass so well and so tightly whilst doing everything with it apart from swinging it around his head – brilliant. And to top it all off, they finished their set to a raucous, noisy, footstamping call for an encore that the organisers just couldn’t ignore despite working to a tight deadline. What more can I say? Well, I am going to stick my neck out here: I loved Day 1, and there were some stellar performances, but the TAGO set was, for me, the act of the festival – I could have watched them all night, and I’d urge you to try to see them if you can.

Got A Ukulele Blog – Review of the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2013


On Saturday – sunshine day – things got even better. One of the best things about any festival is wandering from tent to tent, trying to find something beautiful to, something new to discover. And that’s what happened with the Anything Goes Orchestra on the Flaming Goat (sixth largest) stage on Saturday afternoon.
The five-piece managed to create a wonderful big-band sound with instruments such as ukuleles and double bass. Some tracks were new to me, others interesting reworkings of classics, such as Feeling Good, made famous by Nina Simone.
It’s great to look around any concert venue, whether a mucky marquee or a multi-million-pound arena and see everyone smiling – crowd and performers.
That’s what happened here for the whole set, helped by the banter between frontman Tim Smithies and various onlookers dressed as superheroes, Dick Dastardly and Supergirl among them. The mock shouts of “Fight! Fight!” when a second Supergirl entered the marquee were priceless.

The Derby Telegraph – YNOT Festival Review


Amongst my favourites were the self-styled Anything Goes Orchestra: their novel instrumentation and confident showmanship probably should have pushed them further up the bill, but they seemed laid-back about their early set.

The Oxford Student in relation to YNOT Festival


“Don’t Wait” is an apt title for the Anything Goes Orchestra’s new CD. It begs to be listened to right now! Great song choices, great playing and great vocals make for a thoroughly enjoyable CD. Don’t wait.

Craig Robertson |


“Great fun, awesome sound and very professional…”

“I hope you guys know how good you are!”

The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain


“The Anything Goes Orchestra make me feel happy all over. If you haven’t seen them live you are missing out.”

The Brew Co, Sheffield via Twitter


“The Anything Goes Orchestra were uke-tastic – brilliant to work with and the audience loved them – what more can you ask from a band.”

David Vernon-Edwards | Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity